Camino de Santiago – Pamplona

It’s time for some more Camino de Santiago!

Here are some answers to some more FAQ’s I’ve been getting about the Camino.

5) How far did you walk each day?
Between 20 -30km usually, although there were a few days over and I think one lazy day under 🙂

6) Did your feet hurt? Did you get blisters?
YES. Yes they did, thanks to plantar fasciitis. ow ow ow. And YES I got blisters! I am now the blister healing queen – if you want to know what to do with blisters email me – it’s a bit yuck to post here!

7)  What did you do all afternoon?
We finished walking generally around 2-3pm. Once you find some lunch, shower, wash your clothes, & take care of your feet there is surprisingly little time left before dinner! Siestas were amazing when I could have them (I am a restless sleeper at the best of times, so sleeping in a room with up to 50 snorers was challenging!), but otherwise there was lots of chatting over cervesas and vino tinto with newly made peregrino friends.

Pamplona! The city of the running of the bulls. We actually stopped in Pamplona before starting the camino. We took at train from Barcelona to Pamplona, stayed overnight then caught a little bus to St Jean Pied de Port. We walked back through Pamplona a few days into the camino, but because we had spent some time there before we kept on walking to Cizur Menor for the night. Pamplona is a gorgeous town set behind some giant walls with winding cobblestone streets throughout. These photos are pre-camino 🙂










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