Happy Birthday Lizzie

2 words that make everyone smile – loooooooooong weekend.

When it comes to weekends, 3 days is infinitely better than 2.  Three days enable road trips, sleep ins, lounging on the couch, taking care of all those little projects that have been started (probably last long weekend) and forgotten, catching up on all that is happening in the worlds of Chuck Bartowski, Jules Cobb and Don Draper, baking entirely too many cupcakes and honey crackles, and inviting friends over to indulge in a little too much wine and some charcoaled meat.

Our long weekend involved much of the above, but with a few added bonuses.  The first: we were given the amazing opportunity to memorise the number plates of half the cars in Perth while enjoying a  cruise at a speedy 10km/h down freeways Mitchell and Kwinana.  The second: our dogs were on holiday too, so they got to sleep in our bedroom (at the house we had taken over for the weekend), which meant 6am wake-up licks to go outside.  Finally the third:  the token hippy/vegetarian (me!) in the house got stuck with BBQ duty.  How? Why?  It had something to do with a certain someone’s butt being firmly ensconced in the couch watching the most rubbish AFL Grand Final.  Ever.

We had an awesome time playing on the beach

We got to practice digging massive holes for the next time we visit Cottesloe Beach (take THAT rotten council!)

And If I wasn’t woken up at 6am, I wouldn’t have seen this beautiful moon and gorgeous sunrise sky

You know it’s a good party when it is all adults, and we are all wearing party hats all day (some may have even forgotten they had their party hats on, and went out the front of the house looking super sexy…)

So thank you Queen for having a birthday, thank you random WA public holiday system for giving us a long weekend in September to celebrate her birthday (even though her birthday is in April…), and thank you my fabulous friends for all the laughs and love xx

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  • September 30, 2010 - 10:38 am

    Jessie - Ensconced? No….I think it was cemented. And I enjoyed the 6am morning pee wake ups too. NOT! However I LOVED the honey crackles. Om nom nom nom.ReplyCancel

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