JinkyArt Workshop: Making My Heart Sing Part 2

Here are the rest of my photos from our gorgeous JinkyArt weekend.

We had wonderful models come throughout the weekend for some really fun mini-shoots.  None of these are professional models (although I’m sure some of them could be!), but we were able to get great shots just through making the sessions fun and relaxed. Repeat after me: “Photos are not scary. I am not afraid to have my photo taken!”.

Family photos are such an important thing to have taken.  Life goes by so quickly, and you should record all the stages of life in a beautiful way.  If you are happy with the snaps that you take – fantastic. Blow them up and display them with pride. If not, find someone who will do your family proud and hang up your photos for the world to see 🙂

So husband, mum, sisters, family, mark your diaries because guess what we will be doing when we are all back from our respective holidays??  🙂

Big thanks again to everyone involved! xx


PS: I’m off this weekend for a beautiful New Zealand wedding! And some beautiful New Zealand wine. And some beautiful New Zealand skiing. Stay tuned for some beautiful New Zealand pics when I return!!
PPS: Does someone want to come over and pack for me? I hate packing!

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