Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I got yelled at this week.

Because there were no pretty pictures on my last post.

So I wish to apologise to the world, and make it up to you by giving you a sneaky preview into the world of my new “mini-studio”!

I call it my “mini-studio” as it is a spare room in my house, which I have converted with lots of curtains and reflectors and fabulous things.  I’m pretty – no –  VERY excited about the test run I had with my sister of the new portraiture I am now offering (email me for details!).

I am cooking up a storm of new things with my photo world at the moment, and I’ll have details for you in my next post.

For now, as I leave you hanging on the edge of your seats, I would like to wish you all a fabulous Christmas.  A Christmas filled with surprises, excitement, entirely too much food, stretchy pants or maxi dresses to accommodate the too much food (the inventor of the maxi-dress really should be nominated for a knighthood… or sainthood), multiple beverages, family, friends, laughter, hugs and lots of love.  For those of you “up-over” I hope you get some pretty snow (not the ugly can’t-leave-the-house-and-stocking-up-on-supplies-for-fear-of-being-blizzarded-in kind of snow) – just enough to make your street look like a Disney movie.  And for those of us here in Aussie-land, I hope we don’t melt!  38 on Saturday – again the nice floaty maxi dress is looking like a good option!


PS:  This post isn’t dedicated to a girl named Eve.  If it was, the title would be “Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!”

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