The Pirate King and The Princess

It was a gorgeous sunny winter’s day.  The kind that almost fools you into preferring winter over summer.  Almost.

Princess Jade and Pirate King Dylan were ready for some fun, so we headed down to the beach at Point Perron and commenced searching for treasure amongst the limestone.  We weren’t anticipating staying long as Princess Jade was sick, so we were waiting for the tears to flow and the foot to start stomping. But the day was too nice, and the rock climbing too much fun for that.  We spent a beautiful hour climbing, searching, hiding, playing and laughing, until the cheeks did eventually puff out, and calls for cupcakes were made.

We did end up searching for treasure – my sunnies  (* note to self: Purchase one of those super-sexy gold chains or fluro-yellow strap to go onto my sunnies and around my neck so I don’t lose them at my next shoot).  Once the sunnies were found it was back to the beach house for cups of tea , cupcakes and cuddles with Mum and Nanna.

Cheers for a gorgeous day Di , and giant hugs to you, your mum, Dylan and Jade xox

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  • September 20, 2010 - 1:06 pm

    Jessie - I want to be a princess! Or maybe a pirate king….ReplyCancel

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