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Camino de Santiago – Week 1

Some more of our amazing adventures across Spain.


Samudra – Live in full colour!

Camino de Santiago – Pamplona

Pamplona! But no running and no bulls – just lots of walking 🙂

Take Care of Your Memories

Take care of your memories. Have family photos taken, love them, preserve them, pass them on.

Camino de Santiago – walking walking walking

Camino de Santiago – Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than

Camino de Santiago – The Beginning

The Camino de Santiago – The Beginning.

These Feet Are Made For Walkin

I’m home from the Camino de Santiago! And I have a LOT of photos to share 🙂

Operation “CAMINO”

The final countdown has begun.


6 months after the massive earthquake I visited Christchurch. Hope springs in even the most devastating circumstances.

Raining Cats & Dogs

In honour of today’s rainy weather, this post is dedicated to Cats & Dogs. And secret ninja photography

Girt by Fabulous Friends

How is it that Australia Day has already come and gone??

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011!

An Ode to Westfield

Inspired by a recent shopping trip: sing to the tune of “Jingle Bells”. Dashing through the shops with a

Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming

I’m currently in the middle of my final exams for the semester.  For some very strange reason I decided to go

Roll Up Roll Up… or Maybe Not.

Midgies, fairy floss, corn on the cob. A stoll down Nostalgia Alley.