Take Care of Your Memories

I have spent the past two days putting together a slideshow for my uncle/godfather’s funeral.  There is something insanely powerful about the combination of beautiful images and music that made it absolutely heartbreaking.

What has really hit home again is how so very important family photographs are, not only having them taken but preserving them in a way that you can appreciate and enjoy them for generations.

So here is what you need to do – find a photographer you love that you know will capture you personalities honestly and beautifully, book in a shoot with your family, and get those photos taken that you always put off.  Excuses of “I just don’t have the time right now”, “I need to lose 5kg first”, “I’ve got nothing to wear” will not be tolerated! (I’ve got my not-putting-up-with-crap hat on).  Do the 5kg really matter if it means you won’t have a photo of or with your favourite loved one should the worst occur? Get your priorities straight and don’t disappear from your family albums for years because of self confidence or time management issues.

Which brings me to my next point – all those photos you have on your iphone, on your computer, and in backup drives you haven’t taken out of the cupboard for years – get them printed! Drives are only made to last for a limited amount of time, especially if they aren’t being run and accessed regularly. If you lose your phone or your computer crashes, how many memories will you lose?

Print your photos, design a gorgeous album to share and pass down, put your photos on your walls.

And do it now, because you have absolutely no idea what the universe has planned for you and those you love.


Sending all my love to you Leon. Have a drink with Dad for me.  I miss you already. xx

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